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Introducing Our Rural Energy Development Program

Rural Renewable Energy Development Project

Embrace a sustainable future with JCO SOLAR‘s innovative rural energy development program. We understand the importance of extending renewable energy solutions to even the most remote areas. With our expertise in solar services, we bring reliable and eco-friendly energy solutions to off-grid locations, ensuring access to power in the most challenging environments.

Who Can Participate in the Rural Energy Development Program

  • Agricultural Producers: Joining our program are agricultural entities earning at least 50% of their income from agricultural activities.
  • Small Businesses: Rural-based, for-profit organizations, cooperatives, independent electric utilities, and tribal corporations adhering to Small Business Administration size standards. Eligible businesses must have no outstanding federal delinquencies.

Together, let’s illuminate rural areas.

Transforming Lives with Solar Services

With our commitment to high-quality work, JCO SOLAR uses the rural program as a tool to empower rural communities. We’ve ramped up our solar services, benefitting the residents of Denham Springs, LA, and the surrounding areas. 

  • Access to Power: Provide electricity to remote areas, fostering economic development and improving living conditions.
  • Environmental Impact: Reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources contributes to a healthier planet.
  • Community Empowerment: Empower communities by providing a reliable and sustainable energy source.

A Green Transformation

  • Residential solar installations to power your homes with renewable energy.
  • Ground Mount solar systems to transform vacant land into a renewable energy hub.
  • Energy Storage solutions for sustainable energy access around the clock.
  • Commercial solar applications reduce your business’s carbon footprint and operational costs.
  • Comprehensive Solar Panel Cleaning services to optimize efficiency.
  • EV charging solutions support our initiative as rural energy developers.
  • And the paramount rural energy development Program that is transforming rural energy landscapes.

Contact Us to Power Up Rural Areas

Contact us today to learn more about our rural energy development program. Call us at (225) 590-5950 or email us at Let’s illuminate the future together.

What We Offer
Our Services

We’re proud to be one of the top choices in and around Denham Springs, LA for residential solar services. From solar panel installations to EV charging installations, we have you covered with our unparalleled expertise and quality workmanship.

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Ground Mount

Ground mounts help transform any unused area of your property into an eco-friendly energy source. Our solutions are fully customizable and designed to ensure more efficient energy generation!

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Energy Storage

Interested in utilizing the sun as a backup power source? We offer expert energy storage solutions for homeowners and businesses.

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Our commercial solar solutions offer many benefits, including lower operating costs, higher energy efficiency, and better overall sustainability! Check out our services here.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels must be cared for regularly to maximize their performance. We provide exceptional solar maintenance services to ensure your panels stay clean and in good shape.

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EV Charging

Installing an EV charging station doesn’t have to be complicated when you work with our team. We’ll listen to your goals and provide practical EV charging solutions with your best interests in mind!

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Rural Energy Development Program

Our innovative rural energy development program helps empower rural communities with more eco-friendly energy solutions. We ensure renewable energy solutions even to the most remote areas across Louisiana.

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    Everyone at J-Co is wonderful to work with and has been through our whole process.

    Kyle MacDonald
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    The team was responsive and very helpful. While I did not end up going with them due to financial constraints, I am sure they would...

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    Jane came out while we were building our home and helped us visualize how we could use solar to energize our home. Throughout this process...

    Wendy Cascio
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    I highly recommend J-Co Solar Partners if you are interested in solar. The owner, electricians and roofers have all been helpful and considerate. I had...

    AJ Lu
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    Install completed with few issues(all fixed). Bill went down a lot.

    Joe Sherrill
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    Our solar system was commissioned June 20, 2023, just in time for all this heat. I think the best way to provide a review is...

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    I called JCO solar with an issue with my solar system. That was installed by another company years ago. I had the pleasure of communicating...

    Bryan Breaux
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    I had panels removed to replace roof and reinstalled, also added more panels at this time. Had a few problems, worked with Jane , they...

    Kevin Pourciau
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    Everyone at J-Co is wonderful to work with and has...

    Kyle MacDonald
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    The team was responsive and very helpful. While I did...

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    Jane came out while we were building our home and...

    Wendy Cascio
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